Apertis follows an app-centric architecture. This means that the development is more vertical and not layered as in automotive domain. This reduces dependency and leads to less time to market.

SDK is designed to make app development fast and easy while maintaining backward compatibility. The system gets upgraded periodically; however the applications should not be affected. This is achieved by writing apps against SDK APIs. The SDK APIs are ensured to maintained backward compatibility.

The SDK will not only expose native system services integrated into the OS, but also complete high level features which are of interest for multiple Applications, Due to it’s nature, we classify the APIs into Enabling APIs and SDK APIs.

Enabling APIs

These are APIs from libraries/services that are typically taken from Open Source (for example, Telepathy, Tracker). Apps which use these APIs directly need to maintain the stability on their own due to API or ABI breakages. Effort may be made to ease or remove transition issues when ABI or API breakages happen.

Trying to encapsulate these into SDK APIs will be a continuous process within apertis.


They realize high level features of the SDK behind the scene (e.g. an adressbook service which can be used by Apps to store and retrieve contact data in a joint place). They are dedicated APIs, provided with good documentation and sample code, easy to use and with backward compatibility guaranteed exposed with the intention to be used by the Apps.

The SDK services are developed as dbus services or libraries. For the APIs please refer the API reference or DevHelp on desktop.


Core applications – Generic system applications

Infrastructure UI – Generic system utilities

UI framework – The UI framework

Application framework – The application framework

Connectivity – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth ...

Internet services – Various internet utilities provided by the SDK

Multimedia – Multimedia interfaces provided by the SDK

Navigation – Navigation services (maps, guidance, ...)

Telephony – Telephony services

VoIP, IM and groupware – Online communication services

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