Programming guidelines

This guide contains several guidelines and suggestions for programmers developing applications for the Apertis platform. This is intended for programmers to know about the processes, conventions and philosophies behind Apertis and the stack of libraries supporting it. By knowing “the way things are done” in the Apertis ecosystem, it is hoped that programmers will find use of Apertis APIs and development of new applications easier and more natural, and will produce applications which will remain relevant and maintainable over a long period of time.


Coding conventions – Follow standard coding conventions to make best use of available resources and build your app to be more maintainable

Introspection – APIs for languages other than C.

Tooling – Learn about available development tools and how you can use them to write a better app

Unit testing – Test your app to ensure quality

Security and access control – Use AppArmor add a security layer which enforces access control

GSettings – Learn to store your app settings correctly

Filesystem access – Working with files

Logging – Log debug and other output from your app

Memory management – How to manage memory allocation in your app

Processes – Manage your processes and subprocesses

Using databases – Use SQLite for single user or low throughput databases

Indexing and searching – Use Tracker to index file metadata and search storage devices

Internationalization – Develop your app to be easily translatable and localisable.

Apertis API stability – Choose which version of Apertis to develop against and how to work with the APIs

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