Application development

Apertis is a next generation in-vehicle infotainment platform and SDK. It is an innovative operating system created for in-vehicle infotainment products. It is based on Linux Ubuntu.

Required Knowledge

You should familiarise yourself with the development environment in the SDK before continuing.

To understand and develop Apertis applications, you need to be comfortable with the following topics, libraries and tools:

  • C Programming

  • GLib

  • GIO

  • GObject (Glib Object System)

  • Clutter

  • GStreamer

  • Automake

The resources listed below are good references to get started on these topics:

When creating a new project with the Apertis Eclipse plugin, sample application projects are available in "/home/user/sample-applications" path which can be imported for further reference.

Having said that, it is essential to have a basic understanding of the GObject and Apertis framework to be able to develop applications. Please use the links to gain a basic understanding of the GObject framework and read the subsequent section for an understanding of the code flow in the HelloWorld example code.


Ready to build your first app? Continue on to building a Hello World app.


Hello World – How to build your first application

Create an agent – A step by step guide for developing agent application for Apertis

Apertis Development Environment – How to build and debug your application with the ade tool

Application design – How to make your application fit in with Apertis

Choose a license for your application – A summary of licensing implications

Structure of an Apertis Application

Debugging app in eclipse – How to debug an application

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